Coming Soon: Dance Upon a Field

Dance UPon a Field BookCoverImageRoz Dells tossed a foreclosure notice in the trash. Ridiculous! She had made her payments and could not be bothered by spam. The library’s Seed Exchange Program was about to launch, and she was in charge.

But when a demand notice to stop the Program arrives, she wonders- is this spam or something more sinister? Dance Upon a Field is a story about friendships and the power of community to band together.


Due April 2016


The spelling-phobic novelist

imageThat is me, but no sympathies, please. You see, as a spelling-phobic writer, I feel blissful every time I spell a word correctly. It’s like finding the perfect flower for your garden.

Remember when you learned phonics in second grade? A,e,i,o, and u? You learned how to sound-out words. You could hear the difference between per and pre. Not so for me!

However, I discovered Google’s wonderful little speaker that sounds out words I misspell, and it has helped tremendously. So now, on the eve of my sixtieth year, I am finally learning to write!

P.S. Ditch the spellcheck. Then you’ll learn to spell.

Creating Scenes 4: Let’s Take a Walk

Need a story? Take a Good Morning walk on the Mississippi Coast where the water glows, dolphins play, and the mind can wander through the bayous and out to sea.


Who walked here before me?

What secrets lay buried here?

When will they be revealed?

Read the story here: When Flowers Weep

After the Storm

imageA full moon at  high-tide imagecaused quite a bit of flooding after last night’s torrential rains. Nevertheless, this morning, Ms. White and Mr. Brown, aka blue-beard, are getting along together rather well after the storm. If only we could all be like the cranes in the bayou.

Life with Nature


I’m not a political person. However, I do believe in sharing best practices and good news when I get the chance. So after reading an Audubon Society how-to article about reducing carbon foot prints, I thought I’d share a few of my own good practices.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs most of you know I grew up in Minnesota where you must learn to live without electricity during those days and weeks when the Alberta clippers blast bone-chilling freezes across the Midwest and dump twenty-feet of snow. It’s an excellent learning experience in conservation.

I’ll begin by sharing the secret to fifty-dollar electric bills. Live in an energy-efficient, wind-resistant geodesic dome. Or install solar.

imageMow what grows in your yard -no grass monocropping – and leave the watering to nature. You won’t need fertilizer or pesticides, and the birds, squirrels and critters will create their own sanctuary outside your home.


2014-03-22 17.25.24Let shoes, bicycles, and kayaks replace the SUV when ever possible.

Last, think differently.

– Waste nothing, save for a rainy day.
– Stock up, invest for days when you have nothing. Even squirrels do it.
– Use dual fuels, give nature a chance to regenerate.
– Don’t rely on someone to provide for you. Be a giver instead, and you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable and happy life even through the hardest of times.

Enjoy life with nature in your days ahead!