Writing Tips: Book Settings

Smiles of Youth
Smiles of Youth

Readers will often ask me how I came up with the idea of Sand Hill Cove, Mississippi, a fictional town, as the setting for my books. Well, the best explanation would be to describe what you would find on a visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

You see;

the Mississippi Gulf Coast is full of life, not just of the human kind. It is said that the Gulf is the largest estuary for spawning sea animals in the world. Dolphin, mullet, redfish, turtle and alligator all live along the coast. Add in the sprawling marshes, meandering bayous, and lush vegetation, and it feels as if you have stepped into the oxygen tank of life.

As for the resilient people who live there, they are a resourceful crowd, just the kind of people you would want at your side in a foxhole. They know how to survive violent storm, live with dangerous animals, and protect themselves from pesky, biting insects. And, mind you, they do so without much fussing or fighting.

It is these good people, these happy, hiking, kayaking, gardening people, who define the meaning of ‘natural setting’ in the great outdoors.


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