Author Bookmarks

Designed new rack cards to market the fiction books in the “Suspense in the Garden Series”


imageFront side

14 thoughts on “Author Bookmarks”

  1. Hello Karin! I’m an independent author too, with my first book available and my second on the way. I’m looking for independent reviewers to read, ‘The Lost Heirs’ and review it on Amazon for me. Would you be interested in an exchange of reviews? I love mysteries and would happily buy and review your two garden suspense books if you would return the favour? Let me know if you’re interested!


    1. Yes, I would love to review your first book, which is very exciting. Thank you for thinking of me. By the way, I love cats, too and have dieted forever! That said, I’m buying your book today, – expect about a week before the review shows up. Good luck.


      1. Oh fabulous thank you! Should I start with the first book in your series or does the order not really matter?
        My next diet starts tomorrow 😦 im cramming biscuits as we speak!
        Hope you enjoy the book, the sequel’s nearly ready but I’m going to pay to have them both proofread professionally before I release it. You’ll probably spot a few errors I’m afraid, please feel free to point them out!
        I’ll be in touch soon – good luck.


      2. Super, I already liked what I read on amazon. Please don’t worry about spelling and grammar, I am not one to talk, since I don’t spell well. That said, if I could catch anything I would tell you privately. I’m not one to blab on a review, just comment on story.
        That said I found a good copy editor on and would be happy to send you her info.
        This is fun


  2. Excellent book Karin, I really enjoyed it. I’ve posted my review to Goodreads, amazonUK, amazonUS and my own blog (learning along the way that you spell cosy with a z in the US!). Please could you send me the information on the copy editor? Thanks so much. I hope you’re enjoying ‘The Lost Heirs’. Good luck!


    1. I love Lost Hiers and should finish review today on Amazon, goodreads, my blog, Twitter, Facebook. I gifted it to my sister who loves new authors and will send it to Kraig Millar, a new YA author.You helped me out of my genre rut? Thanks.


      1. Oh thanks so much for that. Ive just started When Flowers Weep – I’ve totally fallen in love with your characters. Really hoping Buzz gets his bees back! X


      2. Lovely, I just finshed and can’t wait for the second stone. Your descriptions are the best: a voice like poisoned sugar; Espog is endearing. I will write up review and send it to u today. How do u come up with great foreshadow? Any way I’m off for a bit. Be back soon


      3. Hi Karin, I’ve read and reviewed ‘When Flowers Weep’ now – great book, shaping up to be a great series 🙂 I noticed that when I put my review on the paperback version it not automatically link to the kindle edition. I had to enter it seperately. If you email Amazon customer services they should link the two versions for you so any reviews you get for one will automatically show up on the other. Are you working on a third?


      4. Thanks for the heads up on amazon, I’ll email today. I am writing a third and final on this series, with some newer characters: Dance Upon a Field, – I’d be happpy to gift it to you when its finished – I just learned how to do that, yeah. And your next book? When I can I look forward to reading it? I’ll be posting a review of your book on this blog, I’d like to add a “Coming Soon” sentence.


      5. Oh thanks Karin, thats fabulous! My next book is ‘The Second Stone’ and will be out at the end of March. I will happily buy Dance Upon a Field when its available – no need to gift – your work is well worth the money! I think I accidently sent you multiple tweets yesterday – apologies for that – my wifi kept cutting out and I couldnt tell if it had gone! Onwards and upwards!


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